Fishing on the River Moy

Fishing in Foxford ?

Everything you need for fishing on the River Moy in Foxford, including daily updates, reports, weather status and a quick checklist to get you ready for your escapade on the infamous River Moy.

It’s all about fishing in Foxford. The River flows through Foxford and onto Ballina, and is known as one of the most prolific salmon rivers in Europe. Anglers come from all over the world to fish on this fantastic river. The salmon season opens on the first day of February and continues until the last day of September.

Water Levels on the Moy

River Moy Updates

Need a Map?

River Moy Map

What you need to fish the Moy!

  • Rod
  • Reel
  • Tackle
  • Licence
  • Logbook
  • Tags
  • Permit
  • A pint in Guiry’s

All of the above available from Guiry’s Bar, Foxford

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